Pierre Hébert - Experienced and Flexible Software Architect Engineer

Main Skills

  • in-depth knowledge of Java (apps), C/C++ (dvr), Python (auimd), Shell (trip),
  • efficient user of the Android platform, with both applicative and system knowledge (apps),
  • top to bottom knowledge of GNU/Linux systems, including embedded ones and self mades ones (clfs),
  • fine understanding of runtimes (including management of main loop, timers, I/O, events, display),
  • used to UI design, either with high level 2D toolkits such as Qt (dvr) or with lower level 3D APIs such as OpenGL/OpenGL-ES (mcompass),
  • Linux kernel and low level subsystems knowledge (G500 kernel),
  • good oral and written communication skills,
  • flexibility, ability to learn new things and work in new environment.

Professional experiences

  • since 05/2011, working as an independant consultant, I provide:
    • professional or expert advice, in fields including, but not limited to, embedded system, client-server systems
    • design and development of mobile applications
    • information technology services
  • 08/2008 - 04/2011, Myriad Group AG, software architect
    • design and implementation of a proof of concept runtime executing JavaScript applications, based on HTML5 features (Canvas2D),
    • study on possible means to accelerate the web browser, including the use of GPU or DSP, applied on WebKit,
    • work on a web browser project (based on WebKit) on Linux, Brew and WinMo platforms (porting, implementation, debug, optimization),
    • implementation of several prototypes used to proof and validate architecture and design choices (use of OpenGL-ES to accelerate 2D UIs, iPhone like web browser navigation on Android, use of D-Bus in embedded system),
    • benchmarks and software analysis, in the context of software optimization (memory usage on a Linux system, IPC performance, 2D renderer comparisons, optimize network bandwidth in the web browser context),
    • design and specifications of APIs for a JavaScript based mobile phone application environment,
    • architecture study of a C++ runtime embedded in a Linux phone software platform.
  • 01/2003 - 08/2008, VisuelConcept, software engineer
    • specification, design and development of a software solution used to build dynamic and interactive user interfaces, targeted at supervision systems, in a web environment (Java servlets and applets, SVG, C++, JSP, HTML, CSS),
    • design and development on an automated air quality supervision system (data collecting, statistical computations, pollution peak event diffusion). Language C, GNU/Linux operating system, MySQL database, shell script, PHP,
    • user interface design and development for the AREA highway network. Object technology JAVA and SVG,
    • design and development in C, on a Win32 system, and based on a real time database (IP21), involved in a road traffic computer. Implementation of the software dedicated to light signals driving,
  • 09/2001 - 01/2003, Silicomp Ingenierie, software engineer
    • design and development of embedded user interfaces in the railway area (QNX/Photon, C++): development of the user interface and communication interfaces used by locomotive drivers,
    • functional study, development and optimization of an automaton software used in a truck factory, use to drive mechanical parts production (Unix, multi-tasking, C, serial and TCP networks, data compression, X11 terminals).


    • 1998-2001 : engineering education at Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) Lyon, computer science departement.
    • 1996-1998 : Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie, computer science department (first in one's year), Le Havre.


    • Living near Chambery, Savoie, France
    • Married, 32 years old