Computing is going mobile !

Here you will find a set of applications designed for Android phones and tablets.

Lightning Launcher

The most customizable Android launcher, ever.

Lightning Launcher eXtreme is the launcher of choice for people who wants a butter smooth, light on memory and tailor-made home screen replacement.

Let's Dance!

This is a simple app where you create your own and unique dance.

Select a character and tap on its arms, legs, chest or head to make them move. Your dancer will then start to wriggle like crazy... and that's real fun!

Mini Golf'Oid

Mini golf... but maxi fun !

This is a funny and addictive golf game for everyone. Swipe your finger to shot the ball, use shortcuts to reach the hole faster, but be careful at traps and other hazards !

Compete against other players with challenges.

Marine Compass

A simple marine compass : move your phone in all positions, and the compass will always stay parallel to the floor !

Just for fun !

Treasure Chaser

This is an old school 2D game, somewhat similar to Lode Runner(tm), where you need to collect all treasures while being purchased by enemies. Use bombs to trap and defeat your enemies, but be warned : that's not as easy as it sounds !

Tilt Mini Golf

A kind of Mini Golf where you tilt your phone to drive the ball to the target. But be careful at traps and hazards!

Compete with other players with scores and challenges!

Where Did I Go

Where Did I Go helps you easily remember your favourite places (parking, home, friend, point of view, ...).

It has a builtin radar, a direction finder, allows attachment of a photo and a memo, exports and imports to/from KML, and much more !