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This is a simple app where you create your own and unique dance. Select a character and tap on its arms, legs, chest or head to make them move. Your dancer will then start to wriggle like crazy... and that's real fun!

No rocket science nor fine art and graphics in this game, just the fun of watching a character move in all directions, making random gestures or... following an elaborated choreography, you choose!

Each member can be animated separately, allowing for very unique dances! Advanced users can also configure precise sequences of moves with speed and count, in order to match the music for a perfect choreography.

Once you are happy with your dancer you can upload a video to Youtube or share the file with your friends.

This app is ad supported but if you feel it is worth to support apps developers then you can remove ads and unlock a set of supplementary moves through an in-app purchase.

Please watch the video for a short introduction, and then... Let's Dance!