DVR : a Digital Video Recorder for Linux


Tue Mar 2 20:16:58 CET 2010 - DVR version 3.99.4 released.

This version comes with a few minor fixes (essentially build fixes). It also features a common autoconf build system, so that the goold old « ./configure && make && make install » works now.

This is the last released version of DVR. Those bits were lying in the svn trunk since a while now, and it was time to properly terminate things. There won't be any new release, the project is now on halt. I will do my best to answer e-mails and help where I can, but no new feature will be implemented, and bug fixes are unlikely. That's all folks !

Sat Jun 2 19:58:23 CEST 2007 - DVR version 3.99.3 released.

This new version adds support for audio/video codec selection. It is now possible to choose which codec to use and edit the properties values.
Also it is now possible to record audio, even if there is no selectable parameter.
Next step is to load and store configuration from/to file.

Sat Mar 3 20:02:07 CET 2007 - DVR version 3.99.2 released.

This version comes with noticeable improvements : The user can now choose the desired image size and frame rate. Appart from that, DVR has a better handling of video device and is now able to manage RGB and YUV devices.
Also this version comes with French translations and partial German translations.

Sun Feb 25 17:06:44 CET 2007 - DVR has moved, version 3.99.1 released.

DVR has moved, and is going to be largely rewritten, using GStreamer.

Currently it is completely broken, the software is only able to start and stop capture, with fixed parameters (352x288, avi, ffmpeg DX50, no audio), from a /dev/video0 source, providing RGB frames (YUV not working). This version is not for general use, but only a step towards 4.0. The previous stable version is still available on of course :-).


DVR is a small tool to record movie clips. It relies on GStreamer as backend, and Qt for the user interface.

Current version is 3.99.4. It is now on halt. DVR 3.99.x series will never match the level of features found in DVR 3.2.


See DVR in action.



Latest is dvr-3.99.4.

You can also browse releases for older versions.


Anonymous access is available at :

svn co


I don't provide any binary myself, only sources. However I would really be pleased if you want to submit one for your preferred distribution.


Bug reports, suggestions and general feedback are welcome. Also DVR need translators. Actually it has translations for English, French and German (partially).


DVR is a project I started in March 2001, because my old VCR was broken, and I then wanted to record TV shows with my computer running Linux, equipped with one the common BTTV based cards. At that time DVR was using avifile, a good library offering a common interface for various audio/video codecs (including win32 ones). The video handling library was home made and rather buggy. The project was hosted on

During some years the software did not evolve much. In particular the V4L frame grabber was still not completely corrected. I was either too lazy or busy to seriously work on it.

Since, open source multimedia components have become much more mature on Linux. However I am still not completely satisfied with existing end user capture softwares. So I thought it would probably not be a bad thing to remove some dust from DVR and spend some time on it. This time I choosed to use GStreamer instead of home made V4L layer+avifile. All developments will no now take place here. The previous DVR version and web site are still available on

As of Tuesday 2nd March, the project is now officially halted, without regret, that was fun.